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67 Animal Law and Animal Rights, March 2021

Animal law – legal scholarship focusing on animals in their own right – is on the rise. Traditionally, animals have been hidden within more established fields of law. In property law, for instance, animals have simply been treated as pieces of property. However, an increasing number of scholars now understand the legal status of animals as a distinct legal issue.

This volume presents 13 articles on animal law and animal rights. The contributions address these topics from a wide variety of angles, from the doctrinal analysis of current animal law to the philosophical examination of the idea of animal rights. The volume is organized into three parts: “Animal Law: A Field of Law in the Making”, “Animals in Nordic Legal Systems” and “Philosophical and Empirical Approaches”. The scientific coordinators for this volume have been Professor Mauro Zamboni, Stockholm University and Academy of Finland Postdoctoral Fellow Visa A.J. Kurki, University of Helsinki. See here for the Table of contents

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66 Investigation and Prosecution in Scandinavia of International Crimes, September 2020

Although none of the Scandinavian countries have had armed conflicts on their soil since the Second World War, there are in Scandinavia at present war criminals, and witnesses and victims of atrocity crimes. The crimes have been committed in different situations outside Scandinavia and it is only lately that the investigation and prosecution of these crimes have gained adequate attention.

This volume presents 21 articles on the investigation and prosecution in Scandinavia of international crimes. The articles present decisions and cases tried at domestic level in a thematic manner, by examining some overarching questions. For instance, to what extent and how international law sources are considered and/or implemented in the Scandinavian countries and how the objectives of international criminal law are brought into action. The volume is organized into five parts: Introduction, General Principles and Matters of Criminal Law, International Crimes, Procedural Matters, and Comparative Outlook. The scientific coordinator for this volume has been Professor Mark Klamberg, Stockholm University. See here for the table of contents

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