Issues of equality have been radically brought to the forefront by #MeToo, Black Lives Matter, the Covid-19 Pandemic and climate justice in a period of less than five years. The structural discrimination identified in these different contestations has raised more questions than can be answered with respect to the legal treatment of equality.
In this sixty-eighth volume in the series, Scandinavian Studies in Law, nineteen authors take up some of these questions, examining equality under the law in the Scandinavian legal context from four different aspects: theoretical and international frameworks for equality, protected grounds, protected areas and enforcement on the national levels. The authors in this volume dedicated to Equality have taken up only a few of the many aspects that need to be addressed in order to truly reach equality and eradicate structural discrimination. We hope that this volume has furthered the readers’ interest in these issues, and look forward to continuing the conversation.

The Volume Editor for this volume is Professor Laura Carlson, Stockholm University. See here for the table of contents.