Rule of Law as a legal concept has been highly debated in the past decade, not least due to the current backslide in democratic ideals being witnessed in Europe and globally. While the Rule of Law is the backbone on which the modern state and its apparatus is built, what the concept actually entails remains rather unclear. Even non-democratic legal cultures often proclaim their adherence to the Rule of Law. In addition, it is an unsolved dilemma whether Rule of Law is the same or overlaps with the idea of Rechtsstaat.


In this sixty-ninth volume in the series, Scandinavian Studies in Law, scholars from the Nordic countries reflect on whether and how the recent societal developments have affected the concept of Rule of Law within their respective fields. A recurring theme in the contributions is that the current Rule of Law debate has affected the Nordic legal orders not merely within individual legal fields, but in a more structural manner.

The Volume Editors for this volume are Professor Jane Reichel, Stockholm University, and Professor Mauro Zamboni, Stockholm University. See here the Foreword and the Table of Contents.