This 57th volume of Scandinavian Studies in Law is dedicated to commercial law and presents eighteen articles written by prominent Scandinavian scholars.

Commercial law in this context is understood in a narrow sense, i.e., the majority of the contributions deal with core contract law problems or are concerned with contract law related matters, such as choice of law and public procurement issues. In addition, some articles address issues related to personal property and insolvency law.

This volume has been produced in cooperation with The Stockholm Centre for Commercial Law, a research organisation established at the Department of Law, Stockholm University in 2000. The aim of the Stockholm Centre for Commercial Law is to promote scientific research and doctoral studies in the field of commercial law in a broad sense. Among other things, the Centre initiates, leads and co-ordinates research projects, as well as publishes and disseminates the results, collects research material, and organises scholarly lectures, seminars and symposia.

346 p.