Intellectual property has become in recent years an issue which almost everyone has a conscious relation to, partly as a consequence of the digitalisation and the growth of the Internet. It is also obvious that an increasing number of social sectors are becoming affected by problems related to intellectual property, as the technical progress continues.

Recent illustrations of this development are provided by the debate about the possibilities of protecting DNA sequences, the increasing awareness of the social impact of granting patents for various medical solutions, and the growing use of the Internet as a medium for transmitting music files. The legal framework covering these issues is multifaceted. It is also noticeable the field is constantly undergoing changes, as various interests are being articulated and challenged. Reflecting several of these aspects this issue of Sc.St.L. provides an overview of many of the issues currently debated in the international arena. The volume also contains a cumulative index for Volumes 1-41 of the series.

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