Volume 67 Animal Law and Animal Rights

Digital Book Release and Seminar

When: Monday, 29 March 2021, 12:00- 13:15 Central European Time

Where: Zoom (the link will be sent out to registered participants)

Please register here by 25 March 2021

Animal law – legal scholarship focusing on animals in their own right – is on the rise. Traditionally, animals have been hidden within more established fields of law. In property law, for instance, animals have simply been treated as pieces of property. However, an increasing number of scholars now understand the legal status of animals as a distinct legal issue.

This volume presents 13 articles on animal law and animal rights with professor Mauro Zamboni, Stockholm University and Academy of Finland Postdoctoral Fellow Visa A.J. Kurki, University of Helsinki as the scientific coordinators. The contributions address these topics from a wide variety of angles.

The authors of four contributions will briefly present their most important conclusions.

  • Beyond Law’s Anthropocentrism: A Sociolegal Reflection on Animal Law and the More-Than-Human Turn by Marie Leth-Espensen, Ph.D. Candidate, Department of Sociology of Law, Lund University and Måns Svensson, Ph.D., Professor of Sociology of Law and Dean of School of Education, Humanities and Social Sciences, Halmstad University
  • The Roles of the Finnish Authorities Specialising in Animal Welfare Offences by Tarja Koskela, LL.D., Senior Lecturer, Post-doctoral Researcher, UEF Law School, University of Eastern Finland
  • The Status of Animal Protection in Denmark by Søren Stig Andersen, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Department of Food and Resource Economics, University of Copenhagen
  • Animal Rights and Rhetorical Topoi by Tero Kivinen, Doctoral Candidate, Faculty of Law, University of Helsinki

The series Scandinavian Studies in Law is published by a non-profit trust. The first volume was presented in 1957 and to date some 900 articles have been published in the series. Find out more at scandinavianlaw.se.


Dr. Lydia Lundstedt, Editor for Scandinavian Studies in Law Professor Mauro Zamboni, Stockholm University Academy of Finland Postdoctoral Fellow Visa A.J. Kurki, University of Helsinki