The series Scandinavian Studies in Law (Sc.St.L.) presents articles by Scandinavian jurists and lawyers. Since the beginning of the series more than 800 articles have been published.

The first volume of Sc.St.L. was published in 1957. Volumes 1-37, issued between 1957 and 1993, were yearbooks of a conventional kind, each reflecting a variety of legal topics.

Beginning with volume 38 the material in the series has been arranged according to topic. A strategy making it possible to present more thorough and updated descriptions of developments in different legal sub-fields.


The editor of the series Scandinavian Studies in Law is appointed by the Stockholm University’s Law Faculty. The present editor is:

Lydia Lundstedt, LL.D., Senior Lecturer, Private International Law

Previous editors:

1999-2019 Peter Wahlgren, Professor, Law and Information Technology
1995-1999 Bill W. Dufwa, Professor, Insurance Law
1980-1995 Anders Victorin, Professor, Private Law
1956-1980 Folke Schmidt, Professor, Private Law


The series Scandinavian Studies in Law presents articles by Scandinavian jurists and legal experts. The series covers all aspects of the law. The vast majority of the contributions are written by academic scholars. Occasionally, articles by distinguished practicioners are also presented.

Most of the articles presented in the series have never been published before, while some articles, previously published in the Scandinavian countries, have been updated and translated into English for the present series.

Financial support for the publishing of the series Scandinavian Studies in Law has been generously provided by

The Association for the Publishing of Svensk Juristtidning

The Edvard Cassel Foundation

The Emil Heijne Foundation

Stockholm University Law Faculty Publishing Trust

The Swedish Council for Research in the Humanities and Social Sciences

Advisory Committee

Viðar Már Matthíasson         Iceland

Ruth Nielsen                       Denmark

Tuomas Pöysti                    Finland

Ole-Andreas Rognstad         Norway