43 Stability and Change in Nordic Labour Law, September 2002
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Stability and Change in Nordic Labour Law volume 43This volume provides a broad, comparative analysis of the development of Scandinavian labour law over the last decades. The picture of development is one of both stability and change. The institutional framework of Nordic labour relations has remained largely unchanged; employers organisations and trade unions still hold a strong position, and the collective agreement continues to be the principal instrument for regulation of the labour market. But, in other aspects, extensive changes have occurred.

42 Intellectual Property, April 2002
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Intellectual Property volume 42Intellectual property has become in recent years an issue which almost everyone has a conscious relation to, partly as a consequence of the digitalisation and the growth of the Internet. It is also obvious that an increasing number of social sectors are becoming affected by problems related to intellectual property, as the technical progress continues.

41 Tort Liability and Insurance, November 2001
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Tort Liability and Insurance volume 41The regulations concerning tort and insurance are extremely vital from the economic point of view, ideally providing security for anyone engaging in business operations, as well as compensation for individuals affected by negative consequences. Tort law is a also an area of the law which often give rise to intense debates, as new insights and shifts in perspectives may set the focus on previously more or less unnoticed negative effects.

40 Legal Theory, April 2000
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Legal Theory volume 40This volume presents 20 articles on various theoretical aspects of law. Legal Theory, or as it is sometimes labelled, Analytical Jurisprudence, is a topic which has been attracting a lot of interest from Scandinavian lawyers for a long time. This tradition has generated a vast amount of literature and is reflected in a continuous debate concerning various methodological and ontological aspects of the law.

39 International Aspects, February 2000
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International Aspects volume 39This volume presents 23 articles on International Law. The book is divided into three sections, European Law, Comparative Studies, and Extraterritorial Problems. Since 1995, not only Denmark but also Finland and Sweden have become members of the EU. Iceland and Norway are related to the community law via the EEA Agreement, creating the European Economic Area.

38 Legal Issues of the Late 1990s, November 1999
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Legal Issues of the Late 1990s volume 38This volume contains 18 articles, all of which deal with substantial legal problems. The articles have been arranged under the headings: Commercial Law, Copyright Law, Criminal Law, Environmental Law, Family Law, Labour Law, Tort and Liability, and Transport Law. In this way the volume provides a broad overview of many of the issues currently attracting much attention in Scandinavia.

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