55 Human Rights: Limitations and Proliferation, March 2010
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Human Rights: Limitations and Proliferation volume 55The 55th volume of Scandinavian Studies in Law (Sc.St.L.) focuses on human rights and the dynamics surrounding them. In 15 articles experts on Jurisprudence, International Law and Legal History discuss the moderation and proliferation of the concept. The contributions have been divided into three sections: General Reflections, Limitations of Human Rights, and Emerging New Human Rights.

54 Criminal Law, September 2009
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Criminal Law volume 54This volume of Scandinavian Studies in Law (Sc.St.L.) addresses criminal law. The volume comprises 21 articles and is divided into five sections. In addition to the introduction the discussions concern responsibility, specific offences, sanctions, and international issues.

53 Law and Society, September 2008
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Law and Society volume 53This 53rd volume of Scandinavian Studies in Law (Sc.St.L.) is dedicated to the subject and perspectives of Sociology of law. The volume comprises 22 articles and is divided into five sections: theoretical aspects of law, inherent tensions within sociology of law as a science, legal cultures and legal reasoning, the legal profession, and finally, empirical studies primarily dealing with the consequences of law.

52 Constitutional Law, July 2007
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Constitutional Law volume 52Constitutions make up the foundations of societies and from a historical point of view there is little doubt that constitutional law and its various manifestations has had a crucial impact on the development of modern society. At a more detailed level constitutions provide meta rules about how state mechanisms and rule-making processes in a given society are intended to function.

51 Procedural Law, February 2007
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Procedural Law volume 51Procedural law is an important component of any legal system. The formal rules that make up what in academic settings is recognized as a core element of legal science do not merely provide the framework for how the official processing of the law can be performed. Procedural law also determines the efficiency of the court sector and at the same time its principles provide the outmost protection against violations of the rule of law. Not surprisingly, procedural law is a much debated topic. It is also a vital part of the legal education

50 What is Scandinavian Law?, january 2007
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What is Scandinavian Law? volume 50The first part of this 50th volume of Scandinavian Studies in Law is related to a core issue from the viewpoint of the purposes and ambitions of the series, viz. What is Scandinavian Law?
The second part addresses a range of issues related to the regulation of fundamental conditions of community life under the label of Social Private Law. This includes components associated with among other things what is known as the welfare state, a conception often attributed to the Scandinavian countries.

49 A Proactive Approach, May 2006
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A Proactive Approach, Law Libraries, volume 49

Law Libraries

Reliance on routines to avoid mistakes is a self-evident feature of many fields of human activity. The commercial pilot preparing for take-off, the engineer designing a bridge and the insurance company introducing a new product all depend on proven methods to ensure that nothing important is forgotten and to assess the consequences of planned measures.

48 Perspectives on Jurisprudence, February 2005
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Perspectives on Jurisprudence volume 48

Essays in Honor of Jes Bjarup

Jurisprudence is a generic term denoting the science and philosophy of law. In this respect, the word "jurisprudence" is often used to distinguish studies focusing on aspects of legal form and method from investigations concentrating on the content of the law, i.e. substantive law issues. In the Scandinavian countries, the latter often are referred to as studies in legal dogmatics.

47 IT Law, September 2004
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IT Law volume 47The progress of information and communication technology (IT) has
surpassed all expectations. IT is affecting almost every aspect of human
life and the development can be expected to continue as the technology
becomes more advanced and costs continue to drop.

46 Maritime and Transport Law, July 2004
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Maritime and Transport Law volume 46 This volume of Scandinavian Studies in Law (Sc.St.L.) Gives an
overview of the contemporary discussion of maritime and transport law
in the Scandinavian countries.
Due to obvious geographical reasons maritime and transport law has always played
an important role in the Scandinavian countries.

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